Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sumosam Opens at Gateway Mall

New Home for the Legend

As the legend says, the champion fighter Sumo Sam always received a grand banquet in his honor every time he fought with other Japanese Sumo Wrestlers. He is said to be the Champion Eater, Legendary Fight. He is the icon that is carried by the Sumo Sam, the Japanese Restaurant that desires its guests to feel like champions by combining different techniques and elements of international cooking and integrating it to Japanese Cuisine. It has now opened its doors of its new home at the 2nd floor of The Gateway Mall, in Cubao, Quezon City.
assorted sushi
This new addition to the aggressively growing chain of restaurants features a 100-seating capacity dining area, with funky but still classy interiors, warm lighting and upbeat ambiance.   

Sumo Sam Gateway Branch boasts of ever-so-popular selection of grilled seafood and steaks, rolls, sushi, tonkatsu, with its top 3 best sellers such as ebi tempura, beef teppan, and chicken teriyaki, providing a high quality, Japanese dishes in a generous Western serving.

bacon or beef asparagus

Creating the Legend

Sumo Sam was conceived through the 3 great minds of young entrepreneurs: Mr. Raymund Magdaluyo; Mr. Ricky Laudico and, celebrated entertainer and restaurateur Mr. Marvin Agustin.  Together with renowned chefs: The Chef of the stars - Chef Florabel Co-Yatco; Chef Nikki Nicolas, pioneer batch of CCA and Chef Benjamin Gonzalez, this young and determined group of business entrepreneurs has already achieved a total of 11 Sumo Sam stores all over the archipelago, and is still rapidly growing the business, and will close 2012 with over 20 branches.
ebi tempura
For more information on activities and new offers, visit the Facebook Page Sumosam

Did you know that…

Sumo Sam:  the Champion Eater, Legendary Fighter

Sumo Sam Legend
The legend of SumoSam began when one spring, the finest Sumo Wrestlers in all of Japan witnessed migrating cranes from the United States flying towards mighty Mt. Fuji. They saw one crane carrying a red, white and blue pouch and were thrilled to see a baby boy break free from its shiny cloak upon descending at the foot of the mountain. Believing that the baby was a gift of good fortune, they took him back to their village and raised him as their very own. The baby grew fast in size and strength, and used these gifts only to champion the good and defend the weak. He grew up holding two passions: Japanese Food and Sumo Wrestling. His appetite broke records and he saw Japanese Food as the true reward to a good match up. Eventually, he was regarded as a Yokozuna -  a grand champion, the highest rank in sumo wrestling. He has finally proven his worth when he released a village from tyranny by defeating the evil lord Aiku. This answered the prayers of Miyuki, the most beautiful maiden he had ever seen. She was the one who served him food he had never tasted before which helped him regain the strength he needed to fight Aiku. He was stronger as his heart fought for freedom and love. When the fight ended, the villagers prepared a grand banquet in his honor. His passion had made him an artist and he remains a true champion. His name is SumoSam:  the Champion Eater, Legendery Fighter.

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