Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TOSHIBA's new POWER TV PB200 Series

Toshiba’s new POWER TV series empowers the shift to LED TV with user-friendly and powerful features.

Philippines, 20th June 2012 –Toshiba (Philippines) Inc. today unveiled its latest POWER TV series of LED TVs, all integrating a new REGZA ENGINE that offers clearer pictures and superb sound quality. The 23-,32-, and 40-inch models in the new PB200 series are designed to deliver maximum performance with minimum power consumption, all featuring a slim and eye-catching design.

New REGZA ENGINE delivers clearer pictures
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Toshiba’s world-class semiconductor technology powers the REGZA ENGINE with its advanced video processing circuit. REGZA ENGINE has the ability to process received signals in real time and offer viewers enhanced video quality and superb image resolution.

Clearer picture image with Contrast Booster
Adjusting picture contrast also affects the original color, resulting in a picture that is too dark or too bright.

The PB200’s new Contrast Booster makes complex luminance and chrominance adjustments to automatically select the best possible gradations in picture contrast without affecting the original color settings. The result is a much more realistic viewing experience.

Power Bass Booster for dramatic sound
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Thanks to a high power 20-watt and the sound bar running under the screen, POWER TVs have always been known for their superb sound quality. The PB200 series takes that to new heights with the new Power Bass Booster that generates extra sound waves at different frequencies in the bass band, strengthening the overall clarity of bass sound.

Narrow bezel design maximizes screen impact
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The striking designs of the PB200 TVs bring an air of elegance and sophistication to the home. Designed by the Toshiba design team in Tokyo Japan, the TVs are characterized by their 14.8mm* super narrow bezel giving an almost borderless effect that maximizes the impact of the screen. Below the narrow bezel rests a dedicated sound bar that houses the high-power speakers. A fine speaker mesh used in the design of this model allows for better sound transmission compared to conventional plastic molded holes, while giving a premium audio look that is worthy of Toshiba`s advanced sound technology featured in the PB200 series.
*Top and side bezel.

Along with concern for customer satisfaction, Toshiba designs its TVs to meet stringent eco standards and to minimize environmental loads throughout their lifespan. One design criteria of the PB200 series is lower power consumption to reduce the impact on the environment. This is achieved through the advanced system integration of components, the utilization of LED backlight and the use of energy saving features such as Auto View. As a result, the new Toshiba 32-inch model not only consumes 40%less power* butt weighs 40% lighter*,facilitating easier transportation as well.
*Compared with the previous model32PB2 (Power Consumption: 92W, Weight without stand: 8.0kg)

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